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You might also check to see if you may have a Bluetooth option in the Windows Mobility Center. If using desktop all you have to do is click on the tray icon and the side bar will appear. If you don’t have anything that uses Bluetooth, then it’ll be safe to disable or set to manual. There are three Bluetooth related services running in Win 8.1. If you turn on Bluetooth, then Airplane mode will also be automatically turned off. Notification Icon – Whether the Bluetooth icon appears in the Notifications area of the Taskbar (bottom-right).

  • However, the OS isn’t such a dramatic upgrade that you’ll be missing major performance benefits by waiting.
  • Look for a key, usually somewhere around the top right section of your keyboard, with the “Print Screen” on it.
  • Open the Start menu and simply right-click on the app you want to remove if it’s pinned here and click on “Uninstall”.
  • I’ve been looking for a setting to get rid of that crap since I first installed the TP.

Some replacement windows offer a choice of sill angles. Basic principles regarding to how to measure for replacement windows. Guidelines on measuring window size in panel, brick and wooden housings. You should expect a learning curve when installing insert replacement windows. You may spend several hours on the first window or two, but after that, each window may take just an hour or so.

Sometimes you need to type a secret string of numbers called a passcode into both the device and your computer. (The secret code is usually hidden somewhere in your device’s manual.) But you need to type quickly before the other gadget stops waiting. Go to Device Manager(right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager). To check for the same, openRun app by using shortcutsWindows key + R. I’d recommend you to check out our complete guide to Windows drivers for any questions you might have about finding, installing or updating drivers.

Via the Settings App

Installing and uninstalling apps is the most common and important tasks that all laptop and desktop users perform. This tutorial is all about how to uninstall apps in Windows 10 using the default method. Also how to remove unwanted leftovers and registry files using third-party apps.

For instance, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the windows must be Energy STAR certified and be double pane due to the intense heat and sun. When ordering your windows, be sure to ask about any requirements you may need to be aware of. When measuring the width of the window you’d like to replace, the best way to measure your window’s width is the measure at three points.

Have Fun Taking Screenshots on Windows

Most widgets have a see more button to open the particular update in a browser tab to get full information. You can click on the Add widgets button to see a list of all the widgets and add them. Below the widgets, there is a long list of posts offering the latest news updates. The ability to run Android apps in Windows 11 was one of the highlight features when Windows 11 was first launched.

By using this method, you’ll get the option to clean your system drive and install the new operating system from scratch, without any performance or compatibility issues. It will also move all your files, including old and junk files to the new installation. This might result in performance and compatibility issues on your PC.

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Hold the template up to one of the corners of the window opening and see which radius is the closest match. To get this measurement, you will need to use a compass or print a radius template. After spending over 20 years writing for businesses in both the insurance and technology industries, Cellina LaForey now spends her time as a freelance Download writer. The time she spent working with Fortune 100 companies has provided the experience necessary to easily transition into full-time writing.